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Your Reading - What Should You Expect?

I think of myself as a messenger who represents a link between two worlds. I am blessed to be a messenger who receives clear and understandable answers, bits of information, and genuine messages that are meant specifically for you.

Like every individual, each reading is unique and special. The spirit will give me a bit of information that is unique to your relationship so that you know it truly is your husband, wife, mother, father, child, sister or brother. The messages may be words that describe a certain smell. They may be words specific to your loved one’s individual character or behavior when they were alive. They may be memories of a specific event you shared together, further validating that it is truly them contacting you.

My readings are generally done over the phone and last approximately one hour. I will contact the spirit prior to our scheduled appointment time and take notes for your reading. I process much of what the spirit wants to say before our appointment, although the spirit is very present during our reading on the phone as well. During our reading, you can ask your loved one specific questions.

What you can do to prepare for your reading? Tell your loved one that you want them to go to Debra and to start communicating to her. You may also want to write down some questions the day prior to your reading that you want your loved one to answer during the reading. Often times they watch you write these questions and will tell her the answer before you even get to ask the question. All you need to do is open your heart to receive the messages that come through. You may want to have a piece of paper and pen during your reading in case you want to write something down.

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The Connection With The Spirit World Elite Sitting Circles:
Debra will communicate directly with the loved one you wish to receive messages from. She will explain and demonstrate through these readings how her unique gift and innate abilities enable her to open the link with loved ones who have passed on to the other side. These messages have brought solace and comfort to many all over the world. Debra states that her readings keep giving and her clients' relationships with their loved ones on the other side keep growing. Debra is able to receive information on how to recognize and interpret the signs from their loved ones. She teaches her clients how to walk with their hearts open, to see with their own eyes the signs and messages their loved ones are trying so hard to send. This gives each and every client a new beginning with their loved one that truly exists spiritually with them each day. These intimate 2.5 hour sessions, were individuals come together to share their experiences, as Debra works with each member of the group, one by one to link with their loved one. These can be moving events, one of great emotions, tenderness, laughter, and tears, as well as closure and healing. Please be aware that a group reading will help you understand the process of mediumship, but does not take the place of a private reading. These Elite Sitting Circles will be limited to 8 guests, so reserve your seat now for one of these amazing sessions. Please check the Calendar of Events for scheduled dates and times. To view Debra's Calendar of Events page click here. To reserve your seat and contact Debra's office, click here.

Location: Arizona.

Get a glimpse of what happens at Debra's Connection With the Spirit World Elite Sitting Circles. Click on the video below to view a story told by KSAZ-TV FOX-10 News.

Below is an excerpt of a letter that I received from a client. I hope every one of my readings provides this same level of contentment.

Dear Debra,
This evening was extraordinary, far beyond my greatest hope for comfort and truth of this loss. The best part is knowing that the heavy presence I feel, yet count as loss, is actually a two-way presence. I wish this paper were a yard long. You are a gift.
Sincerely, Donna

I would be honored to be your messenger to deliver you messages from your loved one in Heaven. My sincerest wish is that those questions, concerns, and words may at last be able to be shared in order to bring you a sense of peace to help ease your loss. I can only hope that after your reading you will become more aware of the inner connection with this life and the afterlife so you, too, can validate the signs sent from your loved ones.

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