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Your Healing - What Should You Expect?

I think of myself as an instrument of God’s. I open myself up and connect to a higher frequency and energy allowing God to take control to bring forth the words and the healing that each person needs. My intention is that each person receives the miracle they deserve but I have to surrender all outcomes to God as it is not up to me what each person needs at that moment.

You do not need to be religious or believe in God to have a healing session. I believe we are all One and can connect to the same God, your God, as I believe God is love. You can be located anywhere in the world to have a distant healing or to be part of a distant group healing.

Distant private healings and Distant Group healing sessions are not done over the phone. You will be in your own sacred space receiving the healing at the same time the healing session is taking place. Your job is to relax and receive the healing energy and love from God. This healing energy carries a frequency and vibration that travels instantly to you. I do not want to know anything about you or what you are dealing with as God knows exactly what it is that you need. All I need is your picture. I will place your picture on my abdomen and I will become your proxy during the healing session. The entire session is audio taped and an MP3 of the session will be emailed to you. These healing sessions will last approximately 40 minutes.

Healing comes on all levels; physical, emotional, spiritual, strength, balance and or to feel the presence and love of God. During your healing I may be given a vision of why this manifested and what is the root cause of the illness. If this comes through it helps heal the illness and imbalances so that they will not re-occur. I may also take you on a spiritual journey. What this means is God will create a vision for you to imagine in your mind so that you can go to that space. He may bring forth loved ones from Heaven for people in a healing session to receive closure, to embrace and to heal grief. Spiritual surgeons may come into the room to perform spiritual surgeries if and when they are needed. I will describe and voice what is taking place during your entire healing session. I may also have to take on your pain. Please do not be concerned if you hear me in pain as this is a gift that God gives me for when I feel it I don’t deny what it is that needs to be healed. Once the session is complete I will no longer feel or hold onto this pain. It will be completely gone. You will not feel any pain during your healing but you might feel the same sensations, emotions, energy or feel/see what I am feeling on my end at the same time. This is really fascinating as you are in a completely different place not knowing what is happening but feeling the same exact symptoms. For example a tingle sensation down my leg or a gentle kiss on my check or loving touch on my hand. With this being said some people may feel nothing at all. There is no right or wrong way to receive.

I do the same healing technique in both the private distant healing and the distant group healing, but I will be doing the distant group healing all at the same time. The entire group will receive healing energy simultaneously. Everyone will receive a powerful group message. They will not receive individual messages like they would in a private distant healing.

A private distant healing is more detailed and will go to a much deeper level, discovering the root (cause) of your imbalances in your body. It’s up to you as to what type of healing session is right for you. I do the distant group healing sessions so that I can reach more people as it takes a lot of energy for me to do my healings and readings. The cost of a distant group healing session is $99.00

I also do private distant group healing session for families.

What do you do on your end while your healing is taking place? During your healing session you can be laying down or sitting whatever is most comfortable to you. I recommend that you are in quiet space where you can relax and receive. You can be indoors or outdoors. Many people that live in another country may be sleeping at the time of their session or some people may have to work at the time of their session. This is okay. If you are sleeping you will be receiving while you are sleeping and if you are working then the energy of the healing will hold until you listen to the words on the MP3. It’s important to listen to your healing session as the words that come through for you hold a healing frequency and vibration.

Not one healing is the same, but all are profound. There is nothing to big or to small to heal.

Every person in a private distant healing or a distant group healing will receive something. Hope, healing, comfort, peace, words from God and miracles.

I am honored and humbled that I have been given this gift to heal others. If you choose to do a healing session then know the entire day is YOUR day not just the hour during your actual healing! In your session you may be given specific instructions as to what you may need to follow through with after your healing. If you are tired after your healing then give yourself permission to rest. Please do your part in making your healing the miracle you deserve.

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