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Below are actual letters I received from clients regarding their experiences with me. They all graciously agreed to let me share them with you. I hope that you will open your hearts to them, and perhaps one of these will touch your soul. For privacy, I only included their first name and last name initial. Enjoy!

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Evening of Mediumship Testimonials:

Hello Debra, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your work and the energy you put into helping people. I was at your event last night and I could see and feel you were exhausted, yet you stayed on to speak to people, including me. I appreciate you relaying messages from my mother, and am so grateful she spoke to a conversation we had earlier in the day, as it was right on point. Again, thank you!
Again, thank you for your love, your light, and the way you held each of us last night. You are a blessing :)
Warmest regards,
Cynthia B.

Good Morning Debra, WOW!!! What a fantastic evening. Debra you always seem to amaze me. You are the most generous person I know, so giving of your time and yourself to so many that are in such sorrow. I am sure it cannot be easy for you, but you always give such comfort to those that need it. I can't express enough to you how much your reading meant to me last night. You were spot on with every word you said. Brett always told me I need to slow down, that I was doing to much. You helped so many people in that room last night, so please know that the work you do is everlasting to all of us. You are definitely a gift from above and I am so ever grateful to have you in my life. You have been my savior. Love always & forever grateful,
Cathy S.

Hi Debra, It was great to see you again.
What a wonderful evening. Thank you for allowing our dear Michael to communicate with us through you! Once again we were reassured that he is with us. You are a true angel! God Bless you,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how impressed I was with you Evening of Mediumship last night. I really enjoyed seeing you in action and you just seemed so much more personal with the smaller group than the other medium events I’ve been to. Also, I am so very glad that Karen was there and spoke to us! It amazes me how quickly my tears flowed when I was the one being spoken to! Take care, Debra! You are amazing as a person and also as a professional. Love,
Denise R.

So great to meet you! I will admit I was taken by surprise when my dad came through for me and I thought you were going to talk to Robin! I knew exactly what he meant-thanks again! I am forwarding to my friends so they can experience it in Oct!
Karen B.

Thank you for your time last night. You helped a lot of people in two hours. It's a great gift to have!
Jen S.


Direct Connect to God Healing Testimonials:

A True Miracle! Dr. James Veney taught statistics at the University of North Carolina. Healing was 1-17-14 following week on Friday the 24th of January he was cancer free! Dr. James Veney suffered from CLL for six years and then it became No-Hodgkin's Lymphoma last February-he went through intensive chemo treatments to beat it. He is 75 and had been in great health otherwise. But his family feared he might pass while undergoing chemo- he ended up in the emergency room 4 times and required 17 blood transfusions to keep him alive. Then he began having migraines and dizziness in November and his doctor scheduled him to have a brain MRI leading to a lumbar puncture (they had seen green areas on the MRI) the spinal fluid revealed that there were cancer cells present-the oncologist that we saw at Banner MD Anderson told him that even with the most intensive chemo/surgery/radiation option his chance of survival would probably be 2-10%. Before meeting with the doctors, Debra and Sheri healed him of his cancer! The following Monday the After meeting with Debra and Sheri we went back to the hospital to have another lumbar puncture performed as well as chemo into his spine. The results of the lumbar puncture came back two days later, Friday the 24th . There were no more cancer cells!

A Distant Healing Session. We knew nothing about Tine prior to her session. She took a beautiful journey in her session and could feel the Love from where she was at in Texas. It is all about Love!! She took a spiritual journey and was able to connect with Mother Mary and was honored for her beautiful soul. God was also present and placed his hands upon her head. Debra and Sheri, Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sweet spirit, kind intention and your willingness to help, that you both, brought to our healing session on Friday!!!, I can tell that you are both such sincere souls, and thank you for sharing your God given gifts with others. If God is pure love, then you are both making him proud because giving love to others through helping them heal is indeed living with love in your hearts. The love we give and take is stored in our souls, and our souls are everlasting, so the work you are doing with loving intention will also never die. Thank you for being brave enough to share your gifts!!! You took me on a spiritual journey during our healing session and Mary was there!!!! All I did was cry, but not bitter tears, but tears of thanksgiving, and the honor of such a sweet encounter!!! I have art of Mary all over my house and have always felt a connection with her precious spirit. In fact my favorite spiritual song is: " Mary did you know". Can't even listen to it without sobbing and feeling like I can't draw my breath. Thank you for the mp3 file, I listened to it right away and I felt many things during our session but mostly I shed tears, and felt heavy and relaxed. Some spiritual surgery was done on my head and abdomen, I would have loved to know what was done, since I have spent the last 20 years trying to heal but also trying to understand what was going on in my body that no doctor has been able to help me with. Our healing session was a sweet gift and a reminder that God has a beautiful plan, and that he indeed cares about each and every soul. Thank you both for your kindness and your willingness to share your gifts!!! Please continue to let your light shine. Blessings and love!!!

A Distant Healing Session. Healing was performed in Scottsdale, AZ @ 4:30 p.m which was for a woman who lived in Shanghai, China, her time 7:30 a.m. Debra and Sheri were told no details of what Chen was dealing with. They were just given a picture of her. This is how Chen found out about Debra & Sheri: A prior client of ours, Nancy, had a healing session with us and stood up at a work conference in Vegas to share with her peers how she recieved a miracle through us. (We still haven't heard what this miracle was) A man who was in that room by the name of George felt compelled to share this with his girlfriend, Lin. Lin is the daughter of Chen. Together George and Lin arranged the distant healing session. After the session was complete we emailed Chen, George and Lin the mp3 audio recording of the healing. This is what they received from George a few hours after the healing session was over: Hello Debra, Sheri and to Nancy Simmons! Thank you again for sharing...Debra & Sheri were right on with the healing of Lin's mother, PengFei, remotely, via Arizona to Shanghai this afternoon. They diagnosed her chronic left buttocks and leg sciatica problem and fixed it, as well as her tooth/jaw pain via her left ear, which went away immediately! Listen to the recording attached. Also, Debra said there was a "fatherly figure" standing by her side smiling at her, which was her mother's dad! Amazing! THANK YOU GOD, Debra, Sheri, and Nancy!! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!

A Private healing session for a woman who told Debra and Sheri she had a Hernia that she wanted healed. During the session God comes through and not only speaks these words through Debra he shows them to her in her mind and also bring the spirit into the room. God showed Debra (in her mind) and then used Debra voice to speak the words: the root of the problem happened when you were in your mother womb. You would have no knowledge of this pain. You had an agreement with your twin to come down to earth. You both were in your mothers womb. But your sister, who looks identical to you and who is now standing in the room, decided she didn't want to come to earth and bailed on you. You couldn't understand why she left. You felt abandoned and you suffered this loss and pain. Thus is the reason you have a hernia. The young lady was crying while this message came to her. The identical twin says: I have always walked with you. You are the quiet one and I am the more pushy voice stress one. Sometimes I push words out of you so that you stand up for yourself. Those are the times when you are shocked that you said these words. If you look in the mirror I look just like you. Give me a name. Spiritual surgeons came into the room and worked on her hernia. God told her to rest for she had a spiritual surgery. Rest as if she had a real surgery. She may have some pain but this is to let her know the healing is still taking place. After the healing session she told us she had never shared this with anyone not even her mom but she had always wanted to be a twin. She had this strong feeling all her life. She knew God spoke these words for know one would know this but God. We received this email from her that evening after her healing session that read: Now that I'm feeling a little better from earlier I wanted to email you guys a little update when I left. I texted my mom as soon as I left because I still wasn't able to talk without crying haha all I asked was "mom when you were pregnant with me did you ever feel like you were having twins?" She replied with yes even the dr thought so. She then told me that the dr heard two heartbeats and there was a sec sac. And then at a further along dr apt there was only one heartbeat. The dr then explained maybe I was just having a double heart beat. My mom and sister and I have decided to name her as part of my healing. Serena is her name. I asked my daughter 3 yr old as we are trying to decide on a name. I asked her what should mommy name her sister who's in heaven she said strawberry at first and I laughed and then she said how bout Serena I was shocked how a 3 yr old would even come up with such a name but we all liked it so that's what it is. I'm still feeling pain in my stomach as if I really am recovering from a spiritual surgery so I been laying around all day. I also noticed that my once hernia that I could make stick out is not visible anymore. I'm going to make an appt with my surgeon within the next week or so I'll keep you guys updated and I will be sending you what I journal about today's experience. You guys are so amazing I been thanking God all day for guiding me to you both.

Hi Debra and Sheri: God Bless you both and thank-you for what you do. In the first session with you (October, 2013) my rotary cuff and sciatic nerve pain in back were completely healed. The session this past Monday, April 27 God was present in the room with me and yes through his miracle I am being healed. God wants us to know that we are loved and he has given me the mission(key) to be the miracle that let s people know that through knowledge, faith and hope we all can be saved by God. The love I felt from our Heavenly Father was overwhelming and I would encourage anyone who needs healing or a desire to be closer to God to come have a session with you two. You ladies are definitely doing the mission that God has given you. You both have richly blessed my life and my families lives. May God continue to bless you,
Steven B.

A True Miracle! I just want to start off with saying how very grateful my family and I are for the two of you and the gift of healing you have given my mother. Since that evening that she spent with you two a true miracle, or should I say miracles have been preformed. She left that evening a different person. She left with piece of mind, courage, and strength. The following week she went for her needle biopsy for the two lesions that were found on her lungs. Only to be told there was nothing there to biopsy, miracle number one! Yesterday she had her surgery to have the mass in the outer wall of her rectum removed. She was originally told that as a result of the size of the mass she would be needing a permanent colostomy bag. Following the surgery she would be needing radiation followed by chemo. To the doctors surprise, come to find out the mass had shrunk (miracle number two!). Therefore she did not need a colostomy bag (miracle number three!). Nor will she be needing chemo (miracle number four!) Praise The Lord for this divine intervention! God is good! And thank God for the two of you! We love you Debra and Sheri! Thank you~
the Puleo girls xoxo

A healing testimonial from a wonderful man who flew in from Texas for the day to have a Private Healing Session Hi Ladies! I am sorry I have not written back sooner. I keep waiting till the end of the story to write, but I just do not seem to get there. I will say that I Love You Two tremendously. From the moment I walked thru your doors I felt nothing but warmth, kindness and never felt any apprehension from not knowing you two. I will start b y saying I have decided on a tattoo with Angel wings and the date of 11/15/13. That has become one of the most important days of my adult life and the day I met you two and experienced my healing session. It has had a profound impact on my spiritual growth and has helped me with several areas that I have been struggling with. First and foremost the areas that you picked up on and worked on were significant areas within my system that had been giving me problems and have since gotten better. The most significant being that I spent the last two years sleeping with a oxygen machine that I no longer use. The second is that after struggling with alcohol dependency, specifically drinking a six pack every night for over 30 years I am glad to say that I have been able to completely walk away from my use. Also my weight is down over 30 pounds in the last six months. The most important thing that I experienced thru your gift was connecting with my best friend and father that has been gone for 5 years. Not only did that make an impact on me that day I believe it had a profound impact on you as well. To feel my fathers love in the same room as me after 5 years was so powerful and soothing. I have no doubt that I was led to you and your gift from a higher power. One that does answer your prayers. I cannot wait until I am led your direction again.
Joe K.

I was in Friday and wanted you to know my bladder is working now, did not need a root canal and digestion is allowing me to eat anything. Wow! My granddaughter wants a healing session with you too. I told her all about my success with God and both of you.

Well, good news ladies. The result of my breast tissue biopsy came back and it was negative. B ack in 2009, they also discovered calcified cells, which upon biopsy, they turned out to be cancer cells. This time, I came to you before the biopsy, and when they did the biopsy, it came back as normal.I am still in awe of the work you did. Thank you both and good luck to you in your efforts to bring healing to people. You are both amazing souls. Hugs,

I met Debra and Sheri through my sister in August 2014. She called me to tell me about them and the work they do. She sent me interviews done with them. It was all very interesting to me but, of course, I was skeptical too! I guess that's one of the downfalls of being human! My sister said that her daughter was going to go to Debra & Sheri for a healing. I thought this was a great idea because her health had been getting worse and the doctors had no idea what was wrong. (Since then she has been better.). Then my sister decided to go for herself. I listened to the recordings of both their healings and just couldn't stop thinking about them. I had to go myself. I really could not afford a trip to Arizona and the healing but I was just drawn to go. I couldn't say no. So I got on a plane and flew to August! I thought I must be insane! But, what the heck, maybe they could cure insanity! My healing was nothing short of a miracle. Debra & Sheri knew nothing about me but they, thru God, pinpointed every spot I was having a problem back, my foot, my knee, my head and my heart. I have had backaches for awhile, they are just about gone. I had foot surgery a year ago. I had a stroke in 2006. My knee acts up a lot. My heart has a birth defect. All these things were so impressive and they are all better, but the biggest thing is my abdomen. A lot of time in the healing was spent there. I had been having a whole lot of problems there and was just about to see my doctor about it. I was pretty certain it was diverticulitis as my dad had it and I knew the symptoms well. Here is the amazing is gone. No more symptoms. No more pain. After it being there for so long, it was just gone. There was so much more to the healing than that though. It was truly a mind, body and soul experience. (So I guess they really can cure insanity!). I can't begin to thank Debra & Sheri enough for renewing my spirit for life and bringing my spirituality up a notch. My sister and I also attended a reading with Debra and connected with our parents. It was incredible! They let us know it was them...absolutely without a doubt and it was so wonderful. I am so thankful to God and to Debra for the knowledge that our loved ones are always around us and that we can connect with them any time. They will never leave us. Even though I've always considered myself a person of strong faith, this experience has given me a deeper faith than I have ever known. I cannot say it enough ...... Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Blessings

In a single session, this dynamic healing duo effectively eliminated my dependence on prescription drugs for acid reflux (GERD). This was no miracle but rather the skilled efforts of two very capable healers who are able to put themselves and their clients in accord with the healing energies of God. Not a miracle, but truly a blessing.
Rev. Bill

The day that I was to have my first session of healing was one of excitement as well as fear. I did not know what to expect, but the moment I entered the room I felt calm from within and surrounded with the special light of God's love. Debra began to open my soul to the physical as well as the mental healing light of God ,and Sheri provided the physical touch . I was truly peaceful and calm for the first time in 13 years dealing with Metastatic Breast Cancer. My mind listened and my heart and soul were taken to a new dimension . A dimension of freedom from my own self made fears. I was able to connect with and see all that I have professed to believe in all these years.. When I left there I felt free and joyful about the special journey I took with Debra and Sheri ,all I can say is "What a Ride Girls ! !" Thank you both from the bottom of my heart. His peace and My Love,

My healing session with Debra and Sheri was a truly beautiful experience. They went to the source of my physical issue and provided healing. On a spiritual level, the session awakened the divinity that was always inside me. This inner divine light now guides me every day."
Maura K

Thank you again for what you and Sheri have done for my son. I truly believe that without Gods healing powers that he clearly uses through you both, my son would not be here today. I thought I was a believer before this but I have witnessed something much greater than I ever imagined. Thank you for the recording. It makes perfect sense. Kenneth will be home tomorrow morning. Thank the good Lord! I also now know to acknowledge mother Mary in my prayers. I am grateful for so much!
Jennifer B.

I had a wonderful healing done by Debra and Sheri. I have been diagnosed and it has been documented that I had three orange size fibroids in my uterus before seeing Debra and Sheri. I have had them for approximately six years. When I returned home I went to my doctor for an ultra sound to check on the status of my fibroids and they were completely gone. When my doctor told me that there were no fibroids I was not surprised. I knew instantly that it had been removed on the day of my healing because my abdomen swelling went down significantly. My pants were no longer tight. And my pants were actually one size too big. I am forever grateful.
Georgeanna K.

Debra and Sheri, I have to tell you the girls have been more at ease/at peace and sleeping well since the healing! I haven't slept this well in years! Emily is relaxed, and grounded it seems. MIkayla said, she feels so much better than before the healing. Thank you again! I do feel like a new person! My head is clear, I have NO pain!! Thank YOU!!! I have inner energy to continue to get things done, and start living my life! I know that is what my mom wanted for me as well! Debra you told me I would be cleaned out, reborn, and in tune! I am all of those things since Monday. The experience my daughters and I had have truly changed our lives and for the better!! God Bless You Both!! Hugs to you both!!
Sue, Mikayla, & Emily

My experience with Debra and Sheri was life changing! I believe with all my heart that God worked through them in an awesome way! I would recommend them to everyone!

I had heard about Debra Martin through a mutual friend. I consider myself a curious, skeptical believer. When I heard that Debra and Sheri were giving a presentation near me, I decided to go and listen to what they had to say. Both Debra and Sheri were kind, compassionate, and full of energy. I felt like I was hanging out with the "soccer moms". I decided to book a private session with them. They said I could tell them what I was looking to achieve, or I could say nothing at all. I opted for the later, as I truly had no expectations. I just wanted to see what would happen. Neither of them knew of my chronic back pain and stomach issues, nor of my personal history. What happened in our session was, well, amazing. Debra pinpointed my issues and said things that she could not have known about me. I could feel Sheri's "energy" at work. I was told that I had to do my part after the session, which I hope it did! I can't even begin to describe what took place during the session, but I can tell you that have been virtually pain-free since my session. I also have a brighter outlook on my future based on things that transpired. Thank you Debra and Sheri!!!
With love, Chris K.

Hi Debra & Sheri, Thank you so much for one truly exceptional experience with meeting both of you and your wonderful synergy of love, compassion and support. I prayed for a long time that God sends the final right help to me and it seems that your appearance could be His answer to me. It was truly one exceptional unique and blessed experience to be yesterday under your warm and gentle session facilitating. Your deep compassion, open heart and skilled energy feeling, facilitating and guiding brought me in the state of inner peace and ease - I feel that I released the huge burden of my stuck blocked energy and finally allow flowing of it and my life movements. This morning I feel lovely light, bright and free like I didn't feel in the last few years. I also feel that I'm on the way of better understanding what is truly going on through whole my entire life and what dear God now want for me.

Debra and Sheri - Simply.... and with all my heart - Thank you for today! I have spent the afternoon crying at the drop of a hat.... because today I was finally able to release the fear(?) I have been holding inside for the past year since I got small-cell lung cancer. I am looking forward to the next healing session with you both. Please don't forget to contact me to complete my healing. I am certainly not fearful anymore.
Grateful, Denise M.

Debra & Sheri,Thank you so much for all your care and concern for my girl. So much appreciated!! I wanted to mail you both a card but since I didn't have your addresses, I hope this will do in telling you how much your prayers and healing have meant. You are both a couple of very special earth angels.
Blessings and Prayers, Always, Vicki

Treasured Gift...Some moments we will treasure There's those we soon dismiss, While others go unnoticed And tragically amiss, But, not those special contributions That made a day unique, With something so fantastic It call the cause to speak; To give a heartfelt THANK YOU For your prayers and special care, For coming to our rescue And Just for being there!!
Var 2012

Hi Debra & Sheri, Sleep well you beautiful Angels. I told him "I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me". There aren't enough words to thank you for the miracle GOD performed for my son today. I am so blessed. I know he sent you to me. I have prayed for 7 months for GOD to send me an angel. My prayer has been answered.

Hi Ladies, Since our session I have had more energy and seem to be getting more done, while feeling stronger physically too. You are amazing together. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and so many others that day. I am interested in spending more time with you so please keep me on your email list.
Best regards, Kathy R.

Dear Debra and Sheri, I am grateful for the powerful healing session I had with you both last week at the Logos Center. I have never experienced a healing quite like that one. I did not mention any of my health issues to either one of you before the session. Debra nailed everything! The personal emotional issues I was going through was brought up and healed. The physical issues I had she immediately went to. She began working on my "brain" going in through my "right eye": Unbeknownst to her I had been having "optic migraines" for the past couple of years and recently began having them more frequent. She then began working on my right "bicep" and "right shoulder" area. She said it would feel like I had a shot in that area. Again, unbeknownst to her, I had torn my right bicep tendon a couple of years ago, and due to that injury also had right shoulder problems. She proceeded to heal that area. She then said that I was being infused (such as an IV would do) with a cleansing energy and light that reached into every cell in my body. At that time I felt this glorious energy that tingled and excited every part of my body, that filled me with joy, clarity and happiness! During the healing Debra had become ice-cold, as well my hands were freezing. She said the whole back of the room was filled up with my loved ones in spirit. They were there to honor me that I chose to do this for myself. I feel more connected to the Divine in everything and everyone. Peace fills my heart. I have a knowing, but it is hard to put into a few words, everything that happened in that healing. I am forever grateful that Debra and Sheri allow the Divine to use them to heal on so many levels for those that ask and those willing to receive. Blessings to you and yours,
Namaste! Susan


Connecting to the Spirit World Elite Sitting Circle Testimonials:

Debra, I want to thank you for giving me a truly amazing experience with my reading. Since then I have had the closure I so desperately needed and that has really helped me continue to heal. You mentioned my father being with maybe another grandfather that may have smoked a pipe because you smelt nicotine or pipe smell. I didn't know at that time but it turns out that my husband's dad smoked a pipe and he passed away nine years ago. Also, you mentioned that my dad was telling me that my nine year old hit his head on his left side, which I didn't know about. When I asked him the next day, he said, "Yes mom I did right here" and pointed to the exact spot you showed me. I am a true believer in what I believe is a Gift you have been given and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing that gift with myself and to so many others. I would love to come back with my sons and will absolutely recommend anyone looking for peace of mind and closure to make an appointment to meet you. It has truly been a pleasure for me.
Sincerely, Melanie H.

Debra, thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful gift with my son last night. I have had experiences to bring me peace with Jacobs passing. I have the faith and knowledge of whats beyond but I believe that is something that is hard for teenagers, or children to fully understand. Jacob's death has been very hard on our family and there is no counselor that could give my son the gift of peace that you were able to give him. I would like to be able to bring my husband and other 2 sons to a circle someday. What better gift to give then the gift of peace. Thank you again for everything,
Sincerely, Stacy S.

I feel so blessed to have been part of the circle. I was immensely touched by everyone's experience and the love in the room was palpable. My experience was exactly what I needed. I did not ask more questions because I did not want to impact the healing that I will have with you at the end of the month. And, while I never asked to speak to a certain person on the other side, it made perfect sense that my dear Grandmother would be the one to come forward. I loved her like a Mother (she really was more a mom to me than my own) and we had a very special bond. And, as you said, you felt love and she was one of the warmest, most loving person I have ever met in my life. That you picked up the reason I was there within your first few sentences to me, well, that was miraculous. I had read your book, so I had high expectations of you, and you delivered in such a loving way. My heart sends love to all those in the room last night, such beautiful people. See you soon. Peace, peace, peace (my goal)
Kathy P.

Hi Debra, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't put into words how amazing last evening was or how much you helped me. It was so hard to lose my boyfriend at such a young age. Our relationship was evolving into something that looked to be a promising romance. When I lost him on that journey it left a void in my heart that only he can fill. My life has moved on but he has remained in my heart and my thoughts, always. I chose to come to the circle as a birthday present to myself! I can honestly say it was the BEST gift I have EVER received and one I will NEVER forget!! Last night gave me so many affirmations. I always believed there is more to life than the naked eye can see and last night you confirmed it!! I would encourage anyone to attend one of your circles, it is money well spent! We cannot put a price on peace of mind or the relationship of a loved one!! Thank you again!
Maria B.

Hi Debra - My mother (Marcia) and I wanted to thank you for such a great connection with her parents last Thursday night. We were definitely touched by all the spirit connections in the room as well! All I can say is WOW! I am sending healing prayers for the group. I am humbled by the stories we heard and I feel like we were meant to be there with everyone. When you mentioned that someone had a headache and their eyes hurt I believe you were talking about me. I didn't want to mention anything because I thought it was meant for someone else. I really did have blurred vision and a pounding headache for a few days prior to Thursday! You had also mentioned that my mother's parents like to play with her dog "Molly". My mother said that last night Molly had to go outside three times in a row and started barking in a rage at no one! My mother did not witness anything or anyone outside. I am fascinated by what you do and how many hearts you touch! You are gift to all of us and I appreciate your kindness, sincerity and friendship.
Love, Michele K. and Marcia J.

Hi Debra, THANK YOU for sharing your gift. I now know that my son lives in peace and love. I have been beating myself up for so many years. I now realize that the days leading up to his death don't matter, but what does matter is that I live with him in love. Take my glasses off and quit analyzing and know that there is a bond of love that will transcend all space and time. I have had 2 experiences with static one was yesterday, I had finished getting my hair done (I went red) got out of the chair and the radio went static. I was using a pay phone at the mall today (my phone died) and I was talking to my mom I was upset about my daughter and there was static on the pay phone, my mom couldn't hear me. I thought "Alex, not now" The static stopped ! What joy !
With love, Pam O.

Hi Debra, I watched your segment last night on Channel 10 News. I thought it was a wonderful piece. I had tears in my eyes as it brought back the memories of my experience in your Elite Circle when we first met and all the other times you have shared messages with Kim and I. You have given so much of yourself to help others that are grieving which give them some solace during this most difficult time. I know that those who have seen your segment and are searching for some answers will surely be seeking you out. Thank you for all that you do for others. Love Always,
Cathy S.

Finishing your book today! It is wonderful, Debra. I just listened to my CD again this week and I think I put some more puzzle pieces together. Very cool! I'm starting to get visits from my family now (I used to only see strangers and no family). I am enjoying exploring this potential gift and I am grateful to you for opening the door. Have a very Happy 4th!
Kelly J.

Hi Debra! Thank you so much for a wonderful evening! One I will never forget! Meeting you was such a gift! I know I told you this last night but I have to tell you again what a special......beautiful person you are both on the inside and outside. We are all truly blessed to have the opportunity to be touched by you and the special gift you share so freely and lovingly. Thank you!
Pam L.

Dear Debra, Thank you SO much for enriching my life and well being - as well as my already strong spiritual faith last night :-) You, as well as Stephanie and the other ladies present, created a truly marvelous experience for me. I still have a delicious mild euphoria from it all, and I know that my basic foundation of joy has now been elevated to a higher plane - and that that will be perpetual. May God continue to Bless you, and guide your generous efforts!

Teresa J.

Hi Debra,
I tried to keep an open mind and not go to the Sitting Circle with any expectations so that I wouldn't be disappointed, but I was quite impressed with the connection from my Dad to my Mom. The expression of his gratitude and appreciation for all she did for him after he got sick definitely came through. You couldn't have known that my Mom was his caregiver 24 x 7 for many years. I think this really helped my Mom. It gave her a lot of comfort. My heart was touched deeply last night and I have only positive feelings about the experience and the connection.
Thank you.
Amy C.

Hi Debra I had attended your Elite Sitting Circle with my mother (Marcia) this past October and you connected with my grandmother (my mother's mom). Just to give you an update, my grandmother is doing the work she promised my mother she would and is reaching out to my oldest brother. This brother has caused my mom a lot of pain for the last 12+ years and has not communicated very much until recently (after our sitting circle). My mother has been getting phone calls from him everyday and almost twice per day! He hasn't called her this much in over 12 years!! Thanks again for your guidance! I know my grandmother chose you to help us! God Bless you.
Love, Michele


Reading Testimonials:

Debra, I really would like to thank you so much for helping me to connect with my brother. I was really having a difficult time with every day events. After we spoke that day it was like a huge pain had be lifted from me. Just knowing he is at peace makes everything better. I am so so thankful my husband made that call to you and you answered the phone. It has made such a difference talking to you. I hope I can meet you sometime or maybe even having another reading. You a very special and I wanted to thank you.
Tammie L.

Thank you so much for your email and for all that you shared with me! There really are no words to adequately express how grateful I am that you are willing to share the conversation you had with my mother. I’m sorry I have not responded sooner, but I have been extremely overwhelmed…and every time I sat down to write back….I just sobbed. Tears fill my eyes now, but I think I can make it through. One of the most difficult things for me….still….is the fact that I never got to or talk to her; this is why the gift that you have given to me is so INCREDIBLE! I don’t get to talk to her, but in sharing the conversation you had with her…in a small way….I feel like I have communicated with her! That means more to me than just about anything!! Some of the words that mean so much to me…like I said…there really are no words to describe how grateful I am. They make me sad…they make me cry….but ultimately, they give me some PEACE! Thank you again. May you be blessed in return for the amazing gift you have given me.
Kaethe G.

Hi Debra, I want to thank you, again, for your wonderful reading last September. I have listened to the CD you sent several times when I am traveling in my car. It always makes me feel like my husband is with me. I made notes, as we talked, and as I read them again, I see close to 30 things you told me that were exactly what he would have said to me or wanted me to know. I know that he is also very grateful that you were a way for him to reach out to me. The holidays are coming up so I will be sure to tell him to get in those pictures I take so I can see he has been with us. Happy Holidays!
Marsha K.

Debra, Thank you for taking the time and for being so prepared to make it such a positive experience for all of us. I spent most of the day reflecting on all the things we discussed and reliving some of those old memories. It allowed me to feel much closer to Heather and to feel her presence. Our meeting was such a spiritual experience and one I will treasure forever. I’m now looking forward to all of those many signs of which you helped make me aware. I woke up this morning to the sound of doves in our backyard…I just smiled. Thanks again Debra, it was a pleasure and such a wonderful experience.
Gary M.

I wanted to thank you so much for the help you gave me when I needed it the most in my life. You are truly an angel from God to help us here on earth. I don't think I could have gotten through losing Tom without your help. By that I mean you made me feel good for him because I knew he was finally at peace and happy. Thanks so much for your care and concern.
Kathy S.

Dear Debra; I had an appointment for a reading with you on Dec 12 at 10;00 am, you told me that my son was showing you a rock garden with a statue that I made for him here at my house and I insisted that it was not a statue but a cross with a figure of Mary the mother of Christ,well I just want to tell you that I was wrong and you and my son are so right,I forgot that I saw a statue of a beautiful baby angel that reminded me so much of him when he was a baby and I bought it months ago and I put it there next to the cross ,and is not small, so I wonder why I could not remember that at the moment,that probes that what he was showing you and you were telling me was more exact that what I remembered even if I see it every day ! That probes to any person that not believes that what you see and what you hear is real and that you communicated me with my son in heaven,God bless you end thank you very much for giving me peace and hope, sincerely.
Rosalva S.

I had not been able to get past the grief of losing my brother 3 weeks ago when I unexpected crossed your path. I have been to grief counseling, reading various support articles from online groups and doing everything I thought I needed to heal. The pain I was feeling continued to grow. Today, I began to lose my faith in the other side when I received a message that we needed to talk from my friend who knew you. The pain I have endured has been more than I could handle and it wasn't until we spoke and you sent me messages from my brother that no one would ever know, that I began to be overcome with peace. Everything was right on point- exactly. I have never experienced anything like what I did when I spoke with you today, your accuracy has been the most comforting feeling I have ever known. I am finally at peace knowing that he is here with me. The tears stopped as you told me details about his service, his children and how he passed. There is no way to thank you for giving me back my life. I thought I would never be able to go back to living as long as my brother was gone, now I know he is not gone..he is here with me now. Thank you for giving me my brother back, I will continue to communicate with him. I am forever grateful.

Linda H.

I Just wanted to say You are the closest I will get to an Angel here on Earth in my physical body. Till my time comes to cross. Your a wonderful person to do Gods work with such compassion. The healing you bring to so many. Both here and on the other side. After of conversation yesterday I was filled with so much LOVE I felt like I was going to explode! It is the Most beautiful feeling I have not had in such a long time! I almost forgot what it once felt like. My Heart and Soul are singing! I had the white light around me a long time ago and some how I lost it, It is back Debra! Thank you are only words In your heart I hope you know how truly grateful I am! I will always keep in touch, Many Blessing to you Deb! An your Family
Penny T.

I have just finished sharing my reading with my daughter Andrea and plan to email my nieces and nephew with your messages from their mother, my dear sister. You have no idea how your thoughts and messages have helped me this day. Please keep on with your gifts and your talents - they are truly a gift to be shared. much love,
Jan F.

One of the things I noticed subsequent to my mom talking to you (and then it passed to me) was how much positive energy she took away from her reading. It radiated out there for a couple weeks, and is a continued source of light for her. Bless you for being a source of light out there in our world and universe.
Andrea R.

I looked back over my notes and found so many things that were "dead on". No pun intended!! I can't wait to listen to the CD and hear things that I might have missed. Debra, I will never be able to thank you enough for the experience that you gave me. I know I did communicate with Charlie. I know that I can again. I know that he is around me when I need him. What a gift you have to give to people. Amazing. Forever thankful,
Jean M.

Dear Debra, When I had the pleasure of hearing you speak last night, I was there only to listen and was not actually thinking about any of my departed friends or relatives. My mother and father had both passed on many years ago and I felt that I had come to terms with their deaths long ago, so I wasn't consciously thinking about either of them. So, it was such a shock when you told me my mother was reaching out to me. You described her perfectly! As you spoke to me I felt my mother's love again! What is most interesting and meaningful for me, however, was that as soon as you told me she was reaching out to me, it hit me that I DID have an unresolved issue with her that I had buried so deeply, I cannot imagine how it would ever have surfaced if I had not met you. You see, my mother and I never really reconciled after my difficult teenage years...we just glossed over it, I moved away, and then she died. I just accepted and put it behind me. But as soon as you told me she was trying to reach me, then I realized how much it meant to me to know that she still loves me even though I made no attempt to have a good adult relationship with her. A huge weight of guilt has been lifted from my shoulders and I feel loved again in a way that has been lost to me for almost 30 years. On a funnier note, I can totally see my mom (a very strong-willed woman), pushing her spirit through you to reach me. :)
I cried for two hours last night, and then slept peacefully. I am already thinking about ways this can improve my relationship with my sisters and my son. You have given me a great gift of love to pass on. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I so appreciate what you do and will send anyone I know who is in real need or pain directly to you.
Debra C.

My son, Brett, was killed on October 4, 2008. He was very spiritual person and had a very strong belief that the body is just a vehicle. My daughter-in-law and I were grieving and always believed & hoped that there was some way to connect with him. When I heard about Debra, I did some research, read her book and knew that she could give us some connection. When we went to a her Elite Circle, we really did not know what to expect. We learned soon enough that she really did connect with those that have past . She showed us that our loved ones may not be here in the physical world, but that they are still here in the spiritual world. She opened a door to the other side by showing us how to recognize their signs of connection. I have been to group and private counseling, but the most significant help I have received is through Mediumship. It has given me hope and a better understanding that my son has not left us but rather they will always be with us. I will be eternally grateful to Debra, not only for our new found friendship, but for helping us through this grieving process. For those who are grieving, it is truly a gift and a blessing.
Cathy S.

Hi Debra,
I just got off the phone with you. You were on Hayhouse with John Holland. I thank you so much for connecting with my father. I am grateful you mentioned about the sandwiches, my father made the best sandwiches. You have been the first person to get a real clue. After the death I thought I lost the connection due to immense grief. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Joyce M.

Hi Debra,
You have changed my life with the Nov 06 reading I got from you and Jessi ...........I listen to that CD recording over and over when I get lonely for her..... Just to hear you say her name gives me great comfort and peace. Thank you so ...SO MUCH.

Patti B.

Hi Debra,
My reading today helped me so much with my father's passing. You spoke about a white dog, small to medium size, that sits on the end of the couch and turns his head side to side and can see my father in the room. There is no way you could have known that. I now call him my psychic dog, as if he wasn't special enough to begin with. I can't tell you how much more at peace I feel now. I sometimes wonder why I was put on this earth, I have no special gift, no exceptional talent...I envy you who can talk to the dead and I envy how you are able to help those of us who are grieving. You are wonderful. I saw you on TV on the show "Mediums: We See Dead People" on A & E. I believe with all of my heart in your gift. I just wish I had it. God bless you and your talent.

Viola H.

Hi Debra,
I just had a good laugh. In our reading this morning, you mentioned that for Paul's obituary, he wanted a picture of him with the black v-neck shirt, but I couldn't think of which picture it would have been. When I later walked into the bedroom, I saw is the picture I have on his side of the bed and use as a bookmark. I talk to it every day, and for some reason, I didn't make the connection. It also happens to be one of my favorites because of his smile and the fact that it was taken on a sailboat (his favorite place to be) on my birthday last year. Thank you!!! Your reading was very reassuring.

Susan Y.

Hi Debra
Your communications with Carol has brought my mother and me a lot of peace, joy, and reassurance in the appropriateness of continuing our relationship with her. You are such a lovely person! I am most grateful.
Warmest regards,

Laura H.

Dear Debra,
Thank you so much...You don't know how much you've helped me. I have beenwithout peace since Sean left this earth and only now feel some comfort.
Thank you again,

Lill M.

Dear Debra,
First let me thank you so much for taking me as a client. My heart is still broken but your ability to communicate with Mary Jo gave me peace and comfort. Yesterday I received your CD and was able to relive our reading. My only wish is that I had God’s gift and blessing that he gave you and other Mediums. You must feel very satisfied and at peace with your life? Over the years in my career as a professional photographer I have had client’s who have lost children, family members and love one’s. I always felt compelled to give them a lasting image or finished portrait. In some small way I always wanted to ease their grief and bring them closer to the one they lost. You were right on about Mary Jo. I found the photo snapshot she talked about during the reading. It was in her wallet. She was laughing so hard! That was Twenty years ago she loved that little snap shot. Debbie thank you again for thinking of Mary Jo and me. God Bless You.

Mike H.

Dear Debra,
I wanted to tell you thank you for the reading yesterday. It touched me in such a profound way. I was amazed at the accuracy and detail that was revealed. I had such a positive and comforting feeling during the reading. Afterwards, I was reeling from all the information you told me, and I can't wait to share with my family and friends what was said. I am definitely going to take the advice I was given, and go the direction I was meant to go. You are so gifted and a blessing to those who have the good fortune to get to know you. I will never forget this experience as long as I live. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Michelle S.

Hi Debra,
I just wanted to say that I can't thank you enough for helping me through the most difficult time I've ever had to endure in my life. In a couple of weeks it'll be the one year anniversary of Mark's death. I'm already having to really talk tough to myself to keep from becoming really depressed. It's been such a comfort to be able to take out the copy of my reading that you sent, and remind myself that he is watching over me. It's still so painful, but I'm so grateful that I found you and was able to speak with Mark after he passed away. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift with me. I'm honored to be able to contribute to your book.........I wish you the best of luck with it!!!! I'll be talking with you soon,
Jamie A.

You have helped me accept Ted's death by giving me the inner strength to want to keep living when I didn't feel I had the strength to do so any more. I look for little things everyday that tell me his spirit is still alive ... it keeps me going. Thanks again for everything !

Brenda H.

Thank you so much for the reading this afternoon, well morning for you. It feels like everything is lighter, like there isn't so much on me. Your description of Jeremy was how he was. Funny but in a sarcastic type of way and serious. Boy, he could be serious when he wanted to be. Him not being able to show his emotions was so true. It was like he couldn't let go of being strong and serious, even when Seth was around. He was a different person the first time he came home from Iraq. I will share my experience with his mother to try to comfort her. Thank you so much for your help. Like I said things would happen and we would say oh, it's Jeremy, but not really know. Now, yeah it's him. Take care and God Bless you. You have a wonderful gift and we are all lucky that you share it with us.

Rosemary B.

Hi Debbie,
It is I who want to thank you! Your right, our family has great respect for my mom and dad and they taught us to be honest, hard working, loving people. We are very lucky to have each other. But what you were able to bring to our family with your gift, is such a wonderful thing, and we all shared with each other, while you were taking us individually. The responses that I heard from everyone was that it was a very emotional experience, in a good way, and also a very changing one. Like you said, if it can change the way we walk through this life so we can do the best we can with it and let go of the rest, it is a wonderful thing. Thank you again for all the wonder you have brought into our family, and we wouldn't be having a journey with dad if it wasn't for us finding you!
Take care and we'll send you the "family" picture.

Barbara L.

Hi Debra,
All the things you said about my brother's family and my sister were remarkably accurate. I told my sister and she passed on the message to his wife and children. I can't thank you enough for such a good reading. Even though I'm in pain now, I know I had to find out what you brought through for me. Take care, I'll be in touch soon,

Hannah B.


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