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These two Sitting Circles were extrordinary. It has been a true blessing meeting each and every one of you. This will be a memory I will cherish forever. - Blessings, Debra Martin


"I wasn't sure what to expect at the sitting circle, since it demands a level of intimacy with strangers. But Debra's spirit, humor, and conviction broke barriers. I, who arrived with a certain level of skepticism, was immediately at ease, captivated, drawn into scenario that pleased and comforted me. My observation leads me to believe the feelings I had were shared by others. There was much laughter, a few teary eyes, a feeling of fellowship, and no sense of obligation. I left the sitting circle with a lighter step." - Susan Herrmann Loomis, journalist and author.

Debra and Karyl

Debra and Karyl O'Leary

I first met Karyl O'Leary when she and her husband Michael contacted me to do a private reading. I was to connect with their son Ken. From this day forward the four of us have continued to have daily conversations. It was Ken that brought me to Karyl and developed this beautiful relationship I cherish everyday. It was also Ken that pushed his mother to travel to Paris to assist me in my Sitting Circles. Having Ken and Karyl walk by myside gave me a sense of comfort and safety.

"I will always be grateful for Debra's intervention and the pure love that I experienced. It helped me accept the gifts that God has blessed me with and the courage to follow my senses. (Brief personal history: I always pray and light candles at Church for family and friends but I rarely ask for help for myself. But for the passed two months, have been praying to St. Theresa for a healing. St. Theresa is my Confirmation Saint. I had been experiencing anxiety, fatigue & neck pain. I had been unsuccessfully treated by my medical doctor.) I felt for the first time, unconditional love from my Grandfather Dwight. I never knew him as he died when I was a young child. I learned from Debra that he's has always had a special relationship with me as we share the same sense of humor. He's a trickster and I'm always getting blamed for silly things. I now know he's w/me and I have begun asking for his help. For example: I could not get my key to open a door, the same door that I had just unlocked. I said, "Stop it Dwight and open this door". The next time I tried the key--there was no problem with the lock, the door opened and out I went. I have gained a new comforting feeling of love for my Grandfather. He came to the Paris Sitting Circle so I could meet him. He wanted me to know that he has always loved me and not to afraid anymore. This is a very special feeling that I will always cherish. During the secession, Debra was asked where my medal was? (Actually, it was the information that came from my Grandfather to her during the secession.) That day, I could not find my blessed Virgin Mary Immaculate Conception Metal which was given to me by my friend, Alana, a Polish Nun, and felt uncomfortable without it. On the same day September 27, 2007, Debra was in a Church and had the same Virgin Mary Immaculate Conception Metal blessed by French Nuns. She asked me if I had head pain and I had neck pain. Debra said that she has guided by St Theresa Mother Mary to heal me to answer my prayers. Debra did both. I'm now wearing the metal that Debra gave me. I am truly blessed. Thank you Debra and Grandfather Dwight for coming to Paris and for all the wonderful gifts that we share! - Joanne, La Confiturière.

Thursday Evening, September 26th, 2007 Spectular Sitting Circle Event

Thursday Evening, September 26th, 2007 Spectular Sitting Circle Event

Karyl, Debra and Barbara

I would like to give a special thanks to Barbara with who sorted out everything from hotels to guiding to shopping, invaluable cultural tips, more with my travel in Paris. And to my dearest friend Karyl for accompaning me throughout this incredible journey we shared in Paris. I couldn't have done this without the two of you!

"Witnessing Debra share her gift is like candy for the soul." - Karyl

"With great thanks and appreciation to Debra and Karyl for an adventure of a lifetime. - Love, Barbara

I felt a strong spiritual connection with this member of the Sitting Circle. It was an incredilbe experience for me!

Friday Evening, September 27th, 2007 Fabulous Sitting Circle.

Friday Evening, September 27th, 2007 Fabulous Sitting Circle.

My First Sitting Circle Spirit Connections in Paris.

My first Sitting Circle Spirit Connections in Paris at hotel Pavillon de la Reine.

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