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A Message from the Author

When you read my book, I hope that you will reflect upon the following:

"I would rather live my life as if a wondrous afterlife exists than to live my life believing in no afterlife at all - just dust to dust - only to pass away and discover I was immensely wrong."

I do not consider this wishful thinking. On the contrary, I have felt, touched, and heard spirits from the other side re-connect with their loved ones here. Based on my experience, which includes participating in controlled scientific experiments, life goes on and on. I truly believe that we will all survive our physical deaths and that each consciousness will continue to exist in another spiritual realm.

This book is about my experiences as a medium and how I arrived at my beliefs regarding life, death, and the spiritual world that divides us. It should be noted that I am not a writer per se; rather, I wrote this book at the strong encouragement from the scientists at the VERITAS Research Program at the University of Arizona where I volunteer as a medium. In addition, I have been asked repeatedly by my friends, family, and clients about my experiences and views regarding this subject matter. They, too, encouraged me to tell my story and write about my experiences.

The goal of my book is to share various stories so each reader will be compelled to open their mind, heart, and soul to the spirit world. I want this book to provide guidance and comfort to those that have lost loved ones. I can only hope that after reading this book, every reader will become more aware of their interconnection with others- both in this life and the afterlife- so they can see and validate the signs sent from their loved ones. Truly, if my book only touches one person in this light, then I know it was not written in vane.

With that said, my book commences with the story of a little girl named Odessa. I chose to start the book with her because my time with her and her family was so powerful. In, fact she continues to send me signs to this very day. Odessa’s spirit comes through via signs to not only her friends and family, but she even got the attention of my editor more than once- and to us all, it was not merely a coincidence. It was more than that.

The next three chapters chronicle how I realized that I had an extraordinary gift, how I learned to use and channel my gift in various ways, and how I became involved with the VERITAS Research Program. Again, it was not a coincidence. As you will read, a very influential spirit name Susy Smith guided me persistently and convincingly to the University of Arizona and there has been no turning back. I am fortunate to participate with an incredible team of experts that give validation to me and my life’s work. Their scientific studies and documented research provide a solid foundation for me to pursue my gift and say to the skeptics, "This is not nonsense. The VERITAS team has collected hard evidence supporting life after death and has concluded the soul continues eternally."

Next, I will take you through the process of dying via a dear friend. We were together here in this world, and then he touched me from the other side. I will continue to share with you various stories about loved ones who received what I call "Messages from Above." For some, there is no greater gift.

From there, I will address how I view psychic predictions and then discuss science versus skepticism. I will walk you through a typical reading. I will share my Code of Ethics as a medium. I will explain the process of a triple blind reading and how these sort of research experimentations, when done with success, point directly to another world.

The last chapters are especially near to my heart as they address two topics. The first is suicide. I will address suicide and my perspective on what happens to the soul of a person who suffers from a suicide. I chose to include this chapter because I was a victim of suicide and I myself have seen little written on this topic by mediums. I will conclude with a chapter titled "Connected." In it, I will share the tragic story of a high school car accident, the loved ones that were touched, and the circle of life that was epitomized.

Finally, I included Personal Validations taken directly from letters I received from clients. They all agreed to graciously share their stories with you, the reader. These stories are written from the heart and provide valuable feedback to not only me as a medium, but possibly to you.

Simply stated, after reading this book, I sincerely hope that you will be awakened and imagine the vast possibilities that could be waiting for you on the other side.


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