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Welcome!  This site provides information about Debra, her clairvoyant abilities, television appearances, healings and readings. To schedule a session with Debra click here.
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Written by - Julie Beischel, PhD, Director of Research at the Windbridge Research Center:

"As a Windbridge Certified Research Medium, Debra is a member of an elite team of mediums who were screened and vetted using peer-reviewed scientific methods. Since 2008, she has volunteered her time to research and her active participation in numerous studies has allowed us to make important discoveries about mediumship.”

Listen to Debra Martin talk about her mediumship and how she takes it to a higher level in her healing sessions. In 2012 Debra was sick and dying. It was on 1-21-12 when she had an amazing Near Death Experience along with an Out-of-Body Experience and her life has never been the same. Her mediumship was taken to another level along with receiving the gift of healing. Since that time Debra has been working as a Spiritual Healer. Debra has performed many healings worldwide giving people hope, healing and miracles. To schedule a healing session with Debra please click here.

Hope for Today...Where there is Hope there is life. To request a prayer visit Debra Martin’s Prayer page @

Jeff and Lynn Hollahan’s son went missing in Frankfurt, Germany. Lynn contacted Debra to connect with the Other Side in hopes to get the guidance she needed to find her missing son. Debra used her mediumship abilities to connect with the Other Side and came up with an unexpected answer for Lynn. Please watch this video to witness how Debra trusted the words that came through even if they didn’t make sense, as she knew this information was coming from Spirit and not coming from her. It’s a miraculous story even when the outcome isn’t what any of them had hope for. For Lynn and Jeff this was a life changing event that shifted their lives forever and gave them the belief’s they have today.

Debra combines her mediumship and healing abilities in her reading sessions. She calls her mediumship; mediumship on steroids. She has taken her readings to another level by combining her ability to see what other issues that a person may be struggling with emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Helping people eliminate these issues which helps them live a healthy and happier life. A reading will last approximately 1 hour (could go over). This would not be a healing session it would be a healing on a smaller scale combined with a reading. If Debra picks up on any issues that a person my be struggling with she would spend approximately 10 minutes during the reading session on doing a healing. To schedule a reading with Debra click here.

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Proof of Miracles: True Stories of Hope and Healing

Proof of Miracles share profound true stories of hope and healing. These written accounts go beyond our dimension and understanding, showing us that our greatest challenges and apparent failures can lead to incredible accomplishments and triumphs. Debra takes people to places that most people think are unattainable. Her inspirational life story demonstrates how experiences such as suicide, the loss of loved ones, divorce, and near death experiences transformed her into the healer and medium she is today.
These healing testimonials in this book are undeniable, showing evidence that miracles do happen.
Using the tools at the beginning of each chapter Debra’s hope is that you come to this conclusion, “My miracle is but a breath away”!
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Debra Martin Solves A Murder:

Television producers frequently call upon Debra for her unique ability to connect with the deceased. Sometimes the media call to consult on for a missing persons case. Other times they want a scientific demonstration of mediumship. Then there was the time Debra solved a murder.

A producer had arranged a mediumship session. The only information Debra received prior to the reading was that the client, Marita, wanted to connect with her deceased aunt. The information that came fourth was startling.

The murderer Debra described was arrested and confessed to murdering Marita’s Aunt. He is now serving 20 years in the Peru jail. You can read this astonishing story in her soon to be released book; Soul to Soul…True stories of evidential communication from loved ones in Heaven.

Debra’s murder story went International when it made the front cover of the Psychic News magazine that is published out of the UK and then gets distributed in all Barnes & Nobles worldwide.

Soul to Soul tells a story of how a murder victim provides her family with clues to catch her killer. A grieving brother is comforted by messages from his loved one. A family receives surprising news about an unexpected addition. Debra Martin has a natural ability to connect with the spirits of those we love who have passed on. She has helped countless people navigate the path of their grief and guides them through stages of healing. She forges immediate and unbreakable bonds both with the spirit world and those who desire confirmation that their family members are at peace.These true stories of afterlife communication expose our hopes and fears in ways that are shocking but healing. What happens during a reading will stay with you forever.
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Direct Connect to God introduces a profound healing technique created by Debra and Sheri’s with God’s guidance. This unique technique has provided healing, miracles, and spiritual sustenance to many around the world. Direct Connect to God is intended to empower and motivate the readers
with evidence of a Higher Power that we are all part of and that resides within each of us.
God as all powerful is not a new concept; the novelty of the approach here, rather, is the clarity with which God’s message is channeled through the authors and then shared with the reader. This occurs through firsthand accounts by people who have undergone healings with Debra and Sheri. The actual direct communication from God during the healing sessions has been transcribed verbatim, without editing or alterations, allowing the reader access to the knowledge experienced by the authors and the people who received healings. Perhaps most notably, this includes a firsthand account by renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander, author of Proof of Heaven, a New York Times’ bestseller. Direct Connect to God gives the reader a front row seat to these extraordinary healing sessions allowing the stories of healing to, in turn, heal the reader as well. Debra and Sheri’sintention for Direct Connect to God is for the reader to feel God’s love through His simple yet profound messages.
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Debra's first book, Believe Beyond Seeing, is not only an autobiography of how she learned to embrace her gift, but provides a glimpse into her readings, her beliefs, her code of ethics, and her views about life and death. Believe Beyond Seeing has received positive reviews from within the industry as well as from clients.
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In addition this book can be downloaded as an e-book through

Debra suggests that you read her book prior to any event or reading so that you have a clear understanding of her and her work.

Debra’s first children’s book, Me and My Angels is now available. This book, a treat for children of all ages, portrays how a child can always call upon her angels, how they are always by her side to protect and love her, and how they are there to help especially when she feels sad, scared, or even alone. Me and My Angels is beautifully illustrated and reminds us to remember what we are grateful for each day.
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Debra feels Me and My Angels makes a great gift, so she included a “To and From” page that can be filled out by the gift giver.


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Hope for Today…Where there is Hope there is life. To request a prayer visit Debra Martin’s Prayer page @

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