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Click on the video to listen to Debra Martin & Sheri Getten explain about their unique healing technique and how God uses them as his instruments to perform miracles. To schedule a private or a distance healing session, click here. To learn more about their healings, click here.

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Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Healing for the Body, Mind & Soul

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Exciting New Events

Debra Martin Solves A Murder:

The information that came fourth on camera was startling. Click on the above video to view a short version of this story told by KPHO CBS 5 News. To view the entire story of Debra solving this murder please click here. What you are about to watch is a revisitation of the original session.

Television producers frequently call upon Debra for her unique ability to connect with the deceased. Sometimes the media call to consult on for a missing persons case. Other times they want a scientific demonstration of mediumship. Then there was the time Debra solved a murder.

A producer had arranged a mediumship session to be captured on camera. He did not tell Debra that the client was suspicious of her aunt's recent death. The only information Debra received was that the client, Marita, wanted to connect with her deceased aunt.

Marco's was arrested and confessed to murdering Marita's Aunt. He is now serving 20 years in the Peru jail.

The Connection With The Spirit World Elite Sitting Circles:
Debra will communicate directly with the loved one you wish to receive messages from. She will explain and demonstrate through these readings how her unique gift and innate abilities enable her to open the link with loved ones who have passed on to the other side. These messages have brought solace and comfort to many all over the world. Debra states that her readings keep giving and her clients' relationships with their loved ones on the other side keep growing. Debra is able to receive information on how to recognize and interpret the signs from their loved ones. She teaches her clients how to walk with their hearts open, to see with their own eyes the signs and messages their loved ones are trying so hard to send. This gives each and every client a new beginning with their loved one that truly exists spiritually with them each day. These intimate 2.5 hour sessions, were individuals come together to share their experiences, as Debra works with each member of the group, one by one to link with their loved one. These can be moving events, one of great emotions, tenderness, laughter, and tears, as well as closure and healing. Please be aware that a group reading will help you understand the process of mediumship, but does not take the place of a private reading. These Elite Sitting Circles will be limited to 8 guests, so reserve your seat now for one of these amazing sessions. Please check the Calendar of Events for scheduled dates and times. To view Debra's Calendar of Events page click here. To reserve your seat and contact Debra's office, click here.

Location: Arizona.

Get a glimpse of what happens at Debra's Connection With the Spirit World Elite Sitting Circles. Click on the video below to view a story told by KSAZ-TV FOX-10 News.

Direct Connect to God Healings: click here to listen to Debra and Sheri explain in detail on how their healing sessions work.

Come have your own healing experience just as Dr. Eben Alexander, author of Proof from Heaven, did in Scottsdale, AZ.

Debra Martin and Sheri Getten, a certified level III Reconnection Healing Practitioner have together discovered a healing technique that is both unique and profound. As Sheri is sending energy and healing frequencies, Debra is able to hear, see, and feel what is happening during the healing session. No two healing sessions are the same. This is a powerful healing form that has the ability to heal on all levels including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Debra and Sheri are seeing powerful results and miracles through God during these sessions.

             Dr. Eben Alexander talks about his profound healing he had with Debra and Sheri. Click here to listen.

Debra and Sheri have been told their spiritual healings are one in the same with Edgar Cayces'. In the book written by Thomas Sugrue : The Story of Edgar Cayce; "There is a river.. " it explains how he performed his healings. Although they do not go into a trance like Edgar Cayce, they actually take it to another level being able to give diagnostic insights, miraculous cures and help open peoples minds to the truth about the spiritual world. Just like his healing work was essentially a spiritual mission so is theirs and like Edgar Cayce, they too give all credit to God. They believe God has given them this gift to help humanity. Debra's & Sheri's primary mission is to hold each of their clients in Gods white light and love. Allowing God to use them as his instruments they go to the root of the problem that is casing the emotional, physical, or spiritual unbalance so that it can be healed. There is no healing that is too big, because with God all things are possible.

I went into my healing session with an open mind, not really with any expectations other than a willingness to be touched by the hand of GOD through Debra and Sheri." Listen to Susie R. share her story on how she was healed physically, emotionally and spiritually during a group healing session in the video below.

It is GONE! I am CANCER FREE! I received a Gift from God. Listen to Denise M. speak about her private healing session that healed her from cancer in the below video or Click here to read about Denise M. private healing session.

Denise had her second PET scan. The scan is clear of any problems and the area by her heart has completely disappeared! Her next scan is in SIX MONTHS instead of three months!!!

Healing Sessions: All healing sessions are done in Scottsdale AZ, private healings, distance healings and group healing circles.

When: Debra will schedule and post these group healing circles on her calendar of events page. To view Debra's schedule of events click here.

To listen to Debra and Sheri speak about the process of their healing sessions please click here.

To register and learn more about these healings please visit this website at www.debraandsheri.com.

Debra Martin & Sheri Getten have launched their new song "We Are One with the Spirit". With the help from Spirit the words to their song "We Are One with the Spirit" was re-written by Debra & Sheri in the Threshold room at the Logos Center and put to life by the famous musician, Todd Hogan. (Showed in picture to the right)
To listen to this song, please click here

To purchase a CD of Debra & Sheri's song "We Are One With Spirit" go to:
All proceeds will go towards Todd Hogan in pursuing his dream as an artist.

Debra's first book, Believe Beyond Seeing, is not only an autobiography of how she learned to embrace her gift, but provides a glimpse into her readings, her beliefs, her code of ethics, and her views about life and death. Believe Beyond Seeing has received positive reviews from within the industry as well as from clients. Believe Beyond Seeing, is now available through its publisher, Authorhouse, for a discounted price of $16.95. Click here to order.
To purchase the book through Amazon, click here. In addition, you may purchase this book at major booksellers online such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, Target, etc., for $18.95. This book is now available in digital format for Kindle, Sony, and Nook readers. This e-pub version can be downloaded at Amazon.com, and BooksOnBoard.com. It is also downloadable via Sony Reader and Barnes & Noble/Nook. To read an excerpt of Believe Beyond Seeing, click here.

Debra suggests that you read her book prior to any event or reading so that you have a clear understanding of her and her work.

Debra’s first children’s book, Me and My Angels is now available. This book, a treat for children of all ages, portrays how a child can always call upon her angels, how they are always by her side to protect and love her, and how they are there to help especially when she feels sad, scared, or even alone. Me and My Angels is beautifully illustrated and reminds us to remember what we are grateful for each day. To purchase a book at the discounted price of $10.95 through the publisher, click here. To purchase the book through Amazon, click here.

Debra feels Me and My Angels makes a great gift, so she included a “To and From” page that can be filled out by the gift giver.

In this video by KPNX in Phoenix, Debra speaks about children who see Spirits and what parents can do to help them not be afraid. Click here to view.

Across the Country Sitting Circles:
Debra’s Sitting Circles are usually hosted in her home town of Scottsdale, Arizona. In 2007, she began traveling and taking these fascinating sessions to Northern Arizona; Hollywood, California; and even internationally to Paris, France. Her Sitting Circles have been such a success that she has decided to take them across the country. If you would like Debra to travel to your home town and host a Private Sitting Circle, please contact her office by email here.
All “Across the Country Sitting Circle Sessions” are limited to 20 guests. Everyone who attends will receive messages.

To view pictures of these private group sessions and read about what others have had to say about Debra's Sitting Circles, click here.



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